What to do to dive into great flavor?

Simple! Grab a can of Pepsi! Once you do it, the fruity and positive vibe takes over your whole body. That’s the effect of upbeat and intense Pepsi Mango and Lime flavors we showed in the campaign created for this client.


In the last campaign we created for Pepsi, we encouraged its fans from 35 markets to cherish the me-moments with an unapologetic, positive attitude and fruity flavors.

We showed that those who grab invigorating Pepsi Flavors are dipped into the fruity vibe that makes you want to dance and move your whole body. To encourage Pepsi fans to try Pepsi Flavor effect on themselves, we created videos covering most common me-time moments of our target group. In executions there were series of multiplication effects used, which allowed us to transport people into the tasteful vibe.

But that’s not all! We also challenged them to make lime twisted faces, send sweet kisses, make rhymes to the word lime, strike sweet poses and much, much more with our fruity flavors IG filter.

How the filter worked?

It used the random choice mechanics. After opening it, the user drew the result with a challenge that they could take instantly in just a couple of seconds. The challenges were clear, simple, fun and referred to one of Pepsi flavors.

All in all, we created over 60 digital assets, universal and possible for quick implementation in over 30 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. That was a really intense dive into great flavor!

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