Maximum taste and zero sugar really exists!

Maybe it’s hard to believe but it’s true.
And our mission was to convince people to that.




It seemed so for a moment when Pepsi MAX campaign brief for 35 Eastern and Central Europe markets popped into our office.
To make this mission work we had
to focus on two things: encourage people to break out the routine
and get them out of a popular misconception that non-sugar beverage has no taste. That is how Try and Believe campaign was born and its goal was to make the consumers aware that Pepsi MAX has it all: great taste and no sugar.

We created key elements of the campaign: KV, web app and off-line creative activations.


A very appetising and mouth-watering KV and POS materials were designed so the consumers could see that there is tasty no sugar fizzing in the shops in their neighbourhood.


But that was not enough.
Knowing that people are still likely
to choose what they are used to,
we created multiple and diverse opportunities to let them sample Pepsi MAX and see for themselves whether what seems almost impossible really exists.


Smartphone lovers could experience online sampling via dedicated Pepsi MAX web app, store- goers could grab a free can in their local shop and urban explorers could taste the unbelievable at various outdoor spots and events located around town.

We maxed out Pepsi Max sampling opportunities to let people know that in case of Pepsi Max, what is hard to believe is actually true.


Mission impossible: accomplished.

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