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7up<br> - Sip<br>the chill

How to chill

When the pandemic comes
into play and stirs things up
in the brands’ marketing plans,
we bet on chill and serve very
refreshing content.

When we got the news that we won the tender for creating 7up campaign on 35 EER markets, we felt both chill and motivation to work. This resulted in an idea to take 7up consumers’ minds of their busy lives and overwhelming reality.


That’s how “Join the refreshment” campaign came to life. We created three visually appealing 6- and 3-second videos inspired by multisensory approach, in which the 7up chill can be experienced through senses.

This way, we embraced the trend of oddly satisfying videos, which have a relaxing effect on the viewers.

With the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic, we wished to serve 7up fans a moment of relief from disturbing news.


So, we bet on even bigger supply of refreshing content. We came up with 7up communication based on product beauty shots and TVC creative reformats to let everyone feel the chill and refresh their memory of the bubbly taste of lemon-lime coolness.


Moreover, we decided to add some zest to everyday routine during quarantine and entertain 7up community.

We created
a set of
which invite
to interact
with the

This package of assets and executions was prepared in a form of digital toolkit. It includes detailed guidelines which enable easy adaptation and implementation of campaign materials on various markets such as Poland, Russia and Turkey among others.

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