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Digital Strategy

Advising how to use digital capabilities to achieve business goals:

  • Definition of the needs of stakeholders.
  • Identification of opportunities and challenges.
  • Selection of media and technology partners.
  • Designing architecture of activities.
  • Definition of relevant KPIs.

Concept Development

Creating digital solutions that effectively accomplish brand goals:

  • Concept creation / transcreation.
  • Designing the architecture of digital ecosystems.
  • Planning communication and activation calendars.
  • Choosing the right mix of content and tools.


Custom production

Developing custom digital assets for the needs of communication and sales activities:

  • Master content development (VIDEO / PHOTO).
  • Creative reformatting (TVC / KV).
  • Innovative tools (AR / APP / DOOH / PHYGITAL).

Creative one⋅stop⋅shop for adform

We help brands make
effective use of Adform
creative potential.

  • Campaign creation and development.
  • Campaign adaptation and production.
  • DCO assets production.
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Digital work

They say: pics or it didn’t happen.
We go even further and create whole
case studies showing what we have been working on lately.

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We prefer to work rather than talk,
which is why our best references
are our clients,
and they are awesome!

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Andrzej Krok Andrzej Krok

Andrzej Krok

(New) Business

Michał Owczarek Michał Owczarek

Michał Owczarek

Creative & Strategy


We are always happy to talk
about serious things, such as work,
digital and pizza.

Newbiz (& pizza)

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