How to convince generation Z from almost 30 countries to Mirinda?

Speak to them in the way they communicate among themselves – using a universal language straight from the world of digital.

6 seconds, 3 seconds, 1 second…

The media recommend using shorter and shorter advertising formats. How to not only convey the message in such a limited time, but also do it in a way that grabs attention of a very demanding target group - Gen Z from 28 countries of Central and Eastern Europe?

These were the challenges we faced while creating the latest campaign for our regional client - Mirinda.


We decided on 6-second formats that demonstrated the philosophy of "orangified fun" by Mirinda.

We didn’t want to bore our target group, but rather intrigue them.

The campaign consisted of videos dedicated to the classic orange flavor and new flavors that will be introduced to the markets in the summer.

All the materials and executions were prepared in the form of a digital toolkit with detailed guidelines, enabling easy adaptation and implementation of the campaign on 28 markets!

But it’s not the end. Our videos were so liked that we were asked to create TVC based on them. It appeared on television in Russia.

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